AD4S - Basement Shack/Office

Room Framing is Complete, January 2006

All of you who have done framing work know how much fun it is to try and get everything level when the house itself is not level.  The first picture of the corner where the waste water line goes out is the most difficult.   This line was installed about 15 years after the house was built to replace a defective line that went out the bottom of the slab.  Otherwise the box over the line would not have been required.  The 2 walls in the first picture touch dirt so they were waterproofed from the inside although no leaks had occurred in over 20 years since the house was built.  The wall on the left side of the first image is actually the front wall foundation so it was waterproofed all the way to the top although the top of the wall is actually about 3 feet above grade.  The wall to the right is actually under the garage but is up against the dirt fill under the garage so it was water proofed up to the level of the garage floor.

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