AD4S Electronic Shop - December 2005

After many years (12 or 13) of working on many other projects and having way too much fun doing lots of things, I finally started working on my ham shack/office in the basement.  I wanted an electronic workbench as part of that room and built it first in one corner.  My good friend, Paul, K4HCM, was moving out of town and gave me an ancient workbench that he had gotten from his work place many years ago.  Using that as a platform, I built a wrap around work bench complete with all types of electrical outlets (120/240), RF, TV, LAN and phone connections.

I have a collection of old Heath gear that I am going to work on one of these days and stored it in the shop.  I built a series of drawers where there was space and tiled the floor with ceramic tile.  I have a cushioned, shop floor mat on order.  I put a set of bi-fold doors in so I could just close it up when it was messy and have the rest of the room neat.

You may be able to see the 2 QRP rigs that are in the shop.   One (which I will keep there) is an FT817 on the shelf just above the power strip.   The other (which I will move out to the normal operating position when I finish that part of the room) is a TT516 Argonaut V.  Both of these rigs are on a coax switch and have their own paddles so I can switch between them.  You will notice that the TenTec rig has a real TenTec 607 paddle attached.  TenTec no longer makes this paddle.


Pickett, AD4S    

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